Using SoftWindows in the MCVL Lab

Softwindows is operational on kali and buddha. You must be logged into one of these systems to run SoftWindows. The display may be sent to another system.

One time only, before running softwindows, you must copy the file "/usr/people/windows/.swinconfig" to your home directory. Do not modify this file.

Type "SoftWindows" to start SoftWindows. It may take a few minutes to start.

Microsoft Office 97 has been installed. This includes Access, Excel, Outlook, Photo Editor, PowerPoint and Word.

SoftWindows is setup to use the printer in room 350. If you choose print to a file, a postscript file will be created.

Files should be saved to your home directory (/usr/mvl1/your-login-name), not in the "My Documents" folder. The images below show how to choose your login directory.

It is not necessary to shutdown Windows95 from the Start menu when you are done. Choose "Exit..." from SoftWindows "File" menu. Uncheck "Create TurboStart data file" and then uncheck "Save Configuration Changes". If you don't do this, SoftWindows will take a long time to shutdown.

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