CECS 461 Computer Graphics II

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Course instructor:
Dr. K. Palaniappan
Dept. of CECS
329 Engineering Building West
Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 884-9266, (573) 882-6265

Catalog Description

Basic concepts and techniques of interactive computer graphics including hardware, software, data structures, mathematical manipulation of graphical objects, the user interface, and fundamental implementation of algorithms.


Study of hardware and software components of graphics systems including features of graphics processors and i/o devices, algorithms for generating graphics display, design implementation and application of graphics algorithms, libraries and packages. Graphics software standards such as OpenGL will be covered in detail and used as an integral part of the programming assignments. A course project with several team members, will focus on a substantial graphics implementation.


  1. Representation and description of color models
  2. Three-dimensional geometric, modelling and viewing transformations
  3. Illumination and shading models
  4. Curve and surface representation
  5. Texture mapping
  6. Hidden surface and hidden line removal


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Submitting Assignments

Please use the following procedure to submit assignments starting with Assignment #3. You will still need to hand in a print out of your code and any output to the instructor.

  1. Name your file for the assignment number you are submitting. For example asst3.c for assignment 3.
  2. type "submit" and press return. You will be prompted for the file to submit and the course for which you are submitting the file, "cecs361".
  3. To verify your submission, type "submit list".
  4. You may resubmit your file by performing step 1 a second time.
  5. For complete information on see the submit utility web page.