Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Courses Taught by MCVL Faculty

CS 8001 Scientific Visualization and Virtual Reality(Dr. Palaniappan)
CS 4610 Computer Graphics I (Dr. Palaniappan)
CS 4650/7650 Image Processing(Dr. Palaniappan)
CS 4970 Senior Capstone Design(Dr. Palaniappan)
CS 8610 Computer Graphics II (Dr. Palaniappan)
CS 4610 Digital Image Compression (Dr. Zhuang)
CS 4410 Theory of Computation (Dr. Zhuang)

CECS 401 Multimedia Communications(Dr. Zhuang)
ACCT 428/CECS 401 Data Warehousing and Data Mining (Dr. Palaniappan & Dr. Arunachalam)
CECS 438 DataBase Management Systems II (Dr. Joshi)
CECS 476 Pattern Recognition (Dr. Zhuang)
CECS 401 Fundamentals of Spoken Language Processing (Dr. Zhao)
CECS 301 Science and Engineering of the World Wide Web (Dr. Joshi)
CECS 352 Operating Systems I (Dr. Joshi)

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