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User Interface

We wanted the user interface to be as simple as possible. So, you won't find lots of widgets on our main screen. Just you (well, at least you as embodied in a cursor), the Cube, and a couple of simple informational displays and buttons. This helps the player be as fully immersed in the game as possible. We wanted the controls to be as simple as possible as well, but it turns out that things can only be so simple when trying to move in 3D. Figuring out just which button to push to go where you want to can be a little tricky at first. But, be patient: every person we have had test the game has gotten used to the controls remarkably quickly.


f: fire wall

q & e: move on Y axis. w: rotate to fire along Y axis

a & d: move on X axis. s: rotate to fire along X axis

z & c: move on Z axis. x: rotate to fire along Z axis

Hold Down Left Mouse Button & Drag: Rotate Cube

Right Click on Buttons To Click Them