cmesh Decompression


Mesh decompression is a simple process.  Simply choose this option from the menu.  The program will then prompt for the name of the compressed file.  You must enter the full name
of the compressed file (including the .com extension).  Once entered, it decompresses the named file, and then it asks what you would like the result to be saved as.  It should be noted
that after decompression, the current file is then thrown away, and the decompressed result is shown, which replaces any original file.  Also, during decompression, one must
have the original model which was compressed as the current model, so that the error measurements come out correct.  An example of a decompression process is shown below, with
the original file called, and the result saved as fan1.dat.

    What is the name of the compressed file?

    Recreating vert's
    DONE recreating vert's
    Distortion is 803.22
    PSNR 25.64
    SNR 15.11

    Done building the bounding loop
    Recreating tri's
    Done recreating tri's
    Total time to Decompress => 2.302280 seconds.

    What would you like to save the decompressed file as? fan1.dat

    Done writing data to fan1.dat

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