Links to Working Programs

The following links indicate where cmesh is currently located, as well as other downloaded mesh compression software.  All of them are currently on the Multimedia and Communications Laboratory at the University of MO - Columbia.

    cmesh directory:   ~scottm/models/
            Files needed (within above directory) for cmesh to run properly and be compiled properly:
                        cmesh            => the executable (for Unix OS)
                        cmesh.c         => source file
                        cmesh.h         => header file
                        Makefile       => make file
                        glut.h             => needed include file
                        arith_coder    => the arithmetic encoder/decoder executable
                        testslcca6       => SLCCA encode/dedode executable

    Frank Bossen's compression software:   ~scottm/Bossen/

    Gabriel Taubin's TS software (both executables only work on DOS operating systems):    ~scottm/Taubin/
                        vcbf_opt.exe   => an optimizer (sometimes some files need to be modified before being compressed)
                        vcbf_bin.exe   => the compressor/decompressor for VRML files only

    Jade (a working mesh compressor and interface):    ~scottm/JadeV21

    Arithmetic encoder used for cmesh:   ~scottm/arith/arith_coder-2

     An extremely large amount of models in VRML format:    ~scottm/models/sig97-models.tar

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