Compression Results2 for Missouri-A


The following images are for the Missouri-A model. The method used was linear prediction, with 3 ancestors, and values were quantized AFTER linear prediction. (A) is the original Missouri-A model, while (B)-(C) results (8 and 10-bit) are omitted, and (D)-(F) are its 12-16-bit counterparts.  The original Missouri-A model is 2,791,268 bytes, while compression ratios are below their respective image.

A                                                                                                                         B

                                                                                                          CR = 57.99 : 1    size = 48,136 bytes
C                                                                                                                         D

CR = 60.39 : 1    size = 46,219 bytes                                                    CR = 52.34 : 1    size = 53,327 bytes
E                                                                                                                         F

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