Bugs/Problems in Flyby

Problem Summary Problem History Date Fixed
Unable to switch to Stereo on-the-fly on the Octanes.
  • Opened up case 1110498 with SGI support. Use the lab's surfzone id to log in.
  • The Case boils down to this. Apparently the frame buffer must be reconfigure do to the stereo we want on the Octanes. And all the graphics must be restarted when the frame buffer is reconfigured.
No solution found so far
View Dependant Culling does not work at all When I (jeremy) put in the MultiSurface mesh generation I had to completely break VDC. VDC does not work at all now. In fact if you have VDC turned on and you attempt to create a TIN Flyby will segmentation fault. When the new triangulation code is finished this can be worked on. Or VDC may just be removed in favor of View Dependent Progressive Meshes. Hmm...
View Dependant Culling does not work properly in stereo. Never has worked correctly or for that matter at all. Probably should get VDC itself to work correctly first.
Spurrious trangles appear in semi-delauny mesh simplification Is this an issue anymore?? Can it be duplicated?? More investigation needed
Problem with Texture sizes and mesh sizes being different Is this still a problem? More investigation needed

Jeremy Hinegardner
Last modified: Mon May 24 14:28:56 CDT 1999