Feature list for Flyby

Feature Notes Current status (In Progress, Future Enhancement, Completed)
Flightpath control of velocity and acceleration   Future Enhancement
Use quaternions for flightpath orientation interpolation   Future Enhancement
Flighpath design as if in an airplane cockpit   Future Enhancement
Postscript output of meshes for publication quality images See how Heckbert and Garland do it in scape. Future Enhancement
Turn on and off the flightpath in Look Mode.   Future Enhancement
Sample program to show differences in the triangulation methods   Future Enhancement
Distributed/Parallel ideas
  • Spread out the refinement/decimation calcuations across processors.
  • Flyby server for distribution of data.
  • Distributed rendering
Future Enhancement
Texture Roaming To save on memory have the textures only load into memory on demand. Similar to clipfly demo on Onyx2. This option may only be usable on InfiniteReality machines. Future Enhancement
Triangle Strip Generation Calculate Strips in a couple of different methods (Taubing, STRIPS, etc) and compare their rendering performance. Possibly add strip information to progressive mesh for efficient rendering?? Future Enhancement
Wireframe display Allow the user to specify color and density of the wireframe overlay when doing wireframe on surface rendering Future Enhancement
Change 2D triangles in flightpath mode to 3D cones   Future Enhancement
Sphere Rendering Add an earthtile like module. It can use the topography.jpg files as bumpmaps on a sphere.
  • If only a subset of topo data should the rest of the sphere be gray or transparent, or should it even exist??
  • Sphere with image only
  • Sphere with image and bump-map
  • Add the appropriate tokens
  • Add interface to New Header dialog
Future Enhancement
Add Flyby and Flightpath modes for solid meshes   Future Enhancement
Textures and genus2 meshes Add the ability for the solid meshes loaded to have textures on them Future Enhancement
Implement Progressive Meshes Use Hoppe's progressive mesh concept to create continual level of detail simplified meshes. Possibly do a highlevel TIN and then run the progressive mesh imlementation on it. Future Enhancment
Speed up TIN calculation Using a new data structure and ideas from Heckbert and Garland's scape application, speed up the current calculation of TINS by possibly up to 50 times. In Progress
Rework Users Guide, and Webpages for Flyby
  • Create a consitent look and feel across the pages.
  • Separate Users Manual into sections instead of one big page.
  • Add pages dealing with bugs, stereo, enhancements etc.
Completed: 24 May 1999
MASSIVE rework of I/O Goal -- create a new sublayer for all the data to pass through so the flyby application itself doesn't have to think about where the file is located.
  • Use URL's in tokens to access files (http://.... etc)
  • incorporate compression (zlib)
  • Extend file formats, PNM, etc, use ImageVision??
Currently the library providing the sublayer is complete. Compresssion has not yet been added but that shouldn't take too much work. The library has yet to be integrated into flyby. In other words, the library is not being used at all.
In Progress (and on hold)
Output video modes when changing to/from stereo mode. added a few printf's in the stereEnable and stereoDisable functions in sgi_windowStereo.c Completed: 30 Jan 1999
Generate separat TIN's for each surface in multi-surfac data In order to implement this feature View Dependant Culling had to be completely broken. But, it this feature works great. And when viewing the TIN's the multi-suface keyboard controls work. Also added with this was to make sure that the multiple textures used with multisurface data were also used. Completed: 30 Jan 1999
Modify orthographic viewing window in flighpath mode
  • Add zooming to each ortho window.
  • Increase efficiency of rendering by only upating the display when editing the flightpath points or translating/zooming in the viewport. CANCELLED. increase in mouse location calculations and viewpoint determination was not worth the effort and didn't increase the drawing efficiency.
Completed: 26 Jan 1999
Add display of frame rate to all modes in flyby Using the = key toggles the display of the framerate in the upper left hand corner of display Completed: 26 Jan 1999
Add Delauny Triangulation Method to TIN Creation John sent us the code, added it, recompiled works fine Completed: 14 Jan 1999
Remote File Access Rework of John's code to make remote file acces no different from local file access. Include directory/file browsing. Protocols included so far are HTTP, FTP. Inclusino of other protocols should be easy to do. Completed: 13 Jan 1999

Jeremy Hinegardner
Last modified: Mon May 24 14:43:19 CDT 1999