Installation Notes



For the current or Beta releases, the IISS executables and auxiliary files will be loaded onto your system by a member of the IISS team. Khoros executables and dot-files must be downloaded from the Khoros FTP site separately, to comply with the copyright restrictions imposed by Khoral Research, Inc. The IISS team can assist you in downloading the files.

The current Internet address for Khoros via anonymous ftp is ( Directions are contained in the file pub/khoros/release/install.ftp . Retrieve the SGI binaries; currently IISS only requires the following executables:

In directory binsgi/ :

raw2viff, vconvert, vgconst, vmul, vscale, vthresh,vadd, vdiv, viff2raw, voffset, vsub

In directory untared/dotfiles :

cshrc, khoros_env

The binaries can be individually extracted from the compressed tar file binsgi.tar.Z, if disk space is tight on your system. Rename the binsgi directory to just bin.

To run IISS from your account, edit the file iiss/dotfiles/iiss_env and make sure the appropriate directory (bin4 or bin5) is added to the user's path. Also copy the shell commands from iiss/dotfiles/cshrc into you own ~/.cshrc file, and make sure to change IISS_HOME to alias the appropriate location where IISS is installed.

Khoros requires similar incorporation of its dotfiles/cshrc lines into your ~/.cshrc file.

To change the defaults in iiss_env or khoros_env, make you own copy in ~/.iiss_env or ~/.khoros_env and be sure to change ~/.cshrc to source your copy of the file.

Once the dot-files are set up correctly, source the ~/.cshrc file. You should then be able to invoke IISS by simply entering the command: iiss (followed by optional arguments).