Keyboard Controls

Ctrl separate cell from group while key is down
1,2,...9,0,-,= random access to first twelve frames (ie jump to frame #)
Shift+number jump to specified multidigit frame (ie shift 341, jumps to frame number 341 in the cell
Shift+right arrow step forward one frame regardless of current step size
Shift+left arrow step backward one frame regardless of current step size
Shift+number+right arrow jump forward by specified number of frames (regardless of current step size)
Shift+number+left arrow jump backward by specified number of frames (regardless of current step size)
Home go to first frame in cell
End to to last frame in cell
PageUp forward +10% into framestack (I'm not sure of %)
PageDown backward -10% into framestack
-> right arrow, forward one frame
<- left arrow, one frame backward
up-arrow loop/cycle once foward
down-arrow loop/cycle once backward
numpad "-" zoom out
numpad "+" zoom in
numpad Home, PgUp, PgDn, End jump/roam to image corners
numpad Ins or 0 reset scale+translation parameters for image
numpad 5 jump/translate to image center
numpad <- translate image left by one pixel
numpad -> translate image right by one pixel
numpad up-arrow translate image up by one pixel
numpad down-arrow translate image down by one pixel
numpad . reset scale factor to one
Control of flyby frames uses the Alt plus another key
Alt -> foward one step along flightpath (within the same frame)
Alt <- backward one step along flightpath
Alt up-arrow loop once foward along flightpath
Alt down-arrow loop once backward slong flightpath
Alt s stop animating flightpath
Alt c cycle through flightpath (within the same frame)
b blink
c cycle
d display panel
e evaluate frame
f formula panel
h help panel
i decrease loop delay
I Increase loop delay
j display performance stats
k modify panel
l loop panel
m mark frame out of date
n recalculate derived (display) data for frame
o toggle overlay
p toggle probe
r rock
s stop looping/rocking/cycling/blinking
t toggle frame stats
v volume panel
w toggle color wedge
X delete frame (HIDDEN key)
z fullscreen
` quietly evaluate cell
<alt> numpad "-" integer zoom out
<alt> numpad "+" integer zoom in
<esc> exit iiss / exit fullscreen
F5 save lat/lon from cell (HIDDEN keys)
F7 print file references
F8 change cell dimensions
F9 decrease zoom sensitivity
F10 increase zoom sensitivity