Section 7

Sheet Navigation and Modification



7.1 Cell Matrix Glyph

The cell matrix glyph works as follows: when the mouse occupies a cell the corresponding cell in the glyph is highlighted and a "plus" indicator is drawn in it. A mouse click on a glyph cell causes the matching cell to be positioned upper-leftmost in the SpreadSheet window. The scrollbars allow finer control over positioning. The "View" pull-down menu allows the user to add rows and columns to the cell matrix.

7.2 Cell to Cell Copy

To reference one cell's frame stack from within another cell, call up the Modify form, using the "Modify" button on the Options Panel. Enter the destination cell ID on the left, and the source cell ID on the right, and select "Perform". The destination cell will receive a fresh frame stack, and each frame will reference the corresponding frame in the source stack. This permits multiple views of a frame sequence simultaneously.