Section 8

Command Line Interface



8.1 Command Line Interface

The IISS command line interface originally served as the primary means for assigning data sets to frames, and setting all parameters which could not be changed interactively during the run of the program. Currently, most parameters can be set via the User Interface. The command line capabilities which continue to be quite valuable are: determining cell window dimensions, and easily specifying overlay image data or text data to be applied across all frames in a cell. The command line also provides a very compact form for specifying numerous images (that share identical dimensions) to be read into the SpreadSheet and shown with default display settings.

8.2 Basic Format

The command line syntax must conform to the following format:

iiss sheet-level-parameters \

cell-level-parameters [to be applied as default for all cells] \

[for each cell, a separate set of arguments can be submitted, in the form:]

-Qrow,col [starts description of cell (row,col) ]\

files [generic format, raw, HDF, etc, or meta-file] \

cell-level-parameters [to override defaults]

Quickstart Example: iiss lena.jpg

8.3 The Sheet Level Parameters

Default values are shown in parentheses.

8.4 The Cell Level Parameters