Department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Faculty and Students of Multimedia Communications and Visualization Laboratory

[Dr. Zhuang] Xinhua Zhuang ( COS CV)

[Dr. Palaniappan] Kannappan Palaniappan ( COS CV)

[Dr. Zhao] Yunxin Zhao

[Dr. Ho] Dominic Ho

[Dr. Jurczyk] Michael Jurczyk

Students & Staff

Joshua Fraser (Staff, Distributed Image SpreadSheet and NASA Direct Broadcast, Dr. Palaniappan)
Daoying Pi (Postdoc, Data Mining for Remote Sensing, Dr. Palaniappan)
Richard Tollerton (Undergraduate, Visualization of Microwave Sea-Ice Data, Dr. Palaniappan)
Handi Cokrojoyo (MS, Visualization, Dr. Palaniappan)
Dong Li (PhD, Data Mining, Dr. Palaniappan)
Bradley Hardin (MS, Videoconferencing, Video and Speech Synchronisation, Dr. Zhuang)
Mariana Petrova (MS, Mesh Simplification and Wavelets, Dr. Palaniappan)
Joe Daigre (MS, Omnicam and Mosaicing, Dr. Palaniappan)
Jesse Whitlock (MS, Biomedical Visualization, Dr. Palaniappan)
Sanjay Mellacheruvu (MS, Data Mining & Multidimensional Databases, Dr. Joshi)


Hai Jiang (PhD, July 2004, Robust Tensor-based Velocity Estimation, Dr. Palaniappan)
Feng Zhu, MS, Dec 2000, Microsoft (Seattle, WA)
Sudhir Sangappa, MS, May 2001, Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) (Waltham, MA)
Meixia Deng, MS, Dec 2000, Raytheon (Lanham, MD)
Jeremy Hinegardner, Progressive Multiresolution Meshes, Dr. Palaniappan, MS, 2000, IBM (Boulder, CO)
Jozsef Vass, PhD, 2000 Network Inc. (Vancouver, CA)
Denis Kenzior (Undergraduate, VRML & Portable GUIs, Dr. Palaniappan), BS, Dec 1999, Analytical Mechanics Associates at NASA Langley (Hampton, VA)
Scott Musler, Mesh Compression and Geometry Coding, Dr. Palaniappan, MS, 1999, BlackOps Entertainment (Santa Monica, CA),
Shelley Qian Zhuang (Undergraduate, IISS Extension, Dr. Palaniappan), BS, May 1999, Univ. of California-Berkeley
Suppachi Prasertsri MS, 1998, Video Compression, Dr. Zhuang
John Harwell, MS, 1998, Boeing, Thesis: "FlyBy - High Performance Cloud and Terrain Visualization"
Harini Bharadvaj, MS, 1998, Symbol Technologies, Thesis: "An Active Transcoding Proxy to Support Mobile Web Access" (slides)
Bing-Bing Chai, Ph.D., 1997, Thesis: "Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis and Morpho-Subband Decomposition for Multiresolution Image Coding," Sarnoff Corporation
Paul Saab (Undergraduate, Web Clustering, Dr. Joshi), Yahoo
Devakhi Parik, MS, 1997, Thesis: "Comparison of Motion Estimation Schemes for Video Coding."
Tao Qiu, MS, 1997, Thesis: "Very Low Bit Rate Motion Compensated Video Coding by Morphological Filters."
Goa Peng Chen, MS, 1996, Ericson , Thesis: "Very Low Bit-Rate Embedded Image Coding with Zerotrees of Wavelet Coefficients."
M. Gu, MS, 1996, Thesis: "An Approach to Compress the Video Image Sequence Based on Morphological Operation."
Haiwen Zhu, MS, 1996, Thesis: "Low Bit-Rate Adaptive Morphological Subband Image Coding."
Yan Huang Ph.D., 1995, Lucent Technologies, Thesis: "Image Motion Estimation and Compression: New Methods and Applications."
Ka-Fong Tang (MS, 1995) Thesis: "Fractal Discrete Image Compression and Its Improvements."

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